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Focus and Scope: While the rapid advance of imaging technologies in ophthalmology is making available a continually increasing number of data, the interpretation of such data is still very challenging and this hinders the advance in the understanding of ocular diseases and their treatment. Interdisciplinary approaches encompassing ophthalmology, physiology, mathematics, engineering, and computer science have shown great capabilities in data analysis and interpretation for advancing basic and applied clinical sciences. Modeling and Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology (MAIO) was created with the aim of providing a forum for interdisciplinary approaches integrating mathematical and computational methods with experimental and clinical studies to address open problems in ophthalmology. MAIO welcomes articles that investigate questions related to the anatomy, physiology and function of the eye in health and disease.

Co-Editors in Chief: A. Harris, G. Guidoboni
Publisher: Kugler Publications (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Gspace LLC develops innovative solutions for complex problems in life science and engineering. By combining physics-based modeling with signal processing and machine learning, Gspace LLC enables the design of hardware and software that yields actionable and interpretable outcomes.

Gspace LLC consults for Foresite Healthcare LLC (www.foresitehealthcare.com), which develops advanced sensor technologies for passive, privacy-protecting, around-the-clock monitoring and artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics to enable preventive care and personalized interventions in hospitals and senior living facilities.