About Me

Jakob Streipel

I am a fixed-length assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Maine. Prior to this I received my PhD in 2022 from Washington State University under Sheng-Chi Liu.

My research interests lie broadly in analytic number theory, centred around automorphic forms and their L-functions. In particular I tend to employ GL(2) spectral theory to say interesting things about these objects.

In addition to my research interests in number theory I am interested in and fascinated by most mathematics and computer science. I am but a layperson in almost all of it, but take great pleasure in playing around and am always happy to discuss things.

Contact information

Neville Hall, Room 416
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469

Office phone: (207) 581-3956
Email: jakob.streipel@maine.edu